Trends In Video: 360° Video And The Immersive Experience

Like all cultural touchstones video embraces trends. Trends in video are determined by two major factors. The first is technology and the second is viewer appetite. For our first post in the Video Trends series let’s focus on technology. In the video below Josh a producer at Vidzu is going to give you a quick review of 360.

360 As Experience

The narrative possibilities of 360 are interesting the real draw is the immersive experience. It is the feeling of truly being in the middle of things. This experiential aspect is organic and when properly utilized, very fun for viewers. We were lucky enough to work with Urban Chestnut Brewing Company to create this 360 tour of their brewing facility. This piece gives a unique perspective of the facility while giving the viewer a very real experience.

360 As Narrative

There have undoubtedly been huge leaps forward in traditional video but the fundamentals have largely remained the same. However, many of the established techniques of traditional content do not necessarily apply to this new technology. We should then set our sites on the strengths of 360° video. Narrative structures and goals must change, but great storytelling is always the ultimate goal. Below is a beautiful example of a universal story told while embracing the 360° format.

Viewers are shown not only to be more likely to click on a 360° video but to watch longer.

Popular outlets such as Youtube and The New York Times have been early adopters but 360° video is quickly being adopted by all major streaming platforms. While 3D might be the format of choice with large theater releases 360° is the chosen format for immersive online content.

New technology means new challenges but every day brings new content and new lessons. Taking narrative risks and pushing boundaries of viewer experience is the very essence of exploring what’s possible.